A one fitness and sports is a leading Channel Partner of Excel International , German Tech, Tirunelveli, established in 2000,  who are importing fitness equipment under categories of cardio strength and general fitness for well being of human life, on preventive measures and happiness for healthy living.

This business enterprise started by experienced, dedicated and devoted persons having worked with leaders in the field  in the capacity of managers for more than ten years in marketing and servicing of fitness equipment.

“For both Domestic and Corporate Sector”




  1. Providing right equipment to the customers economically
  2. Workout tips for output benefit.
  3. Providing timely service for maintenance of equipments
  4. Food intake suggestions for fast results of output required


Bonus for customers


  1. Weight loss – Obesity Killed.
  2. Mental balance – Calm and Cool


Product Details

  1. Cardio – Treadmill, Cross Trainers, Exercise Bikes etc
  2. Strength Equipment- Home gym, Ab – Crunch, Adjustable flat benches, rowing machines, steppers etc
  3. Accessories – Twisters, gym ball, aerobic step board, waist reducers etc


Inspiring people for healthy living.

Having concept of health, wealth and happiness

Awareness creation for healthy living and consultation on the concept.